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Once Pregnancy Test is Positive

  • You need to have basic blood and dating scan to locate site of the pregnancy sac and number of pregnancy sacs.
  • Then you need to have NT scan at 11 to 13 weeks (to screen for downsyndrome) and along with first trimester screening blood test.
  • You should start taking folic acid for first three months. It is better to start folic acid three months before becoming pregnant to prevent neural tube defects for your baby.
  • Then you need a scan (anomaly scan) at 18 to 20 weeks to find out any anomaly for your baby.
  • You need to have GCT (Sugar Test) at 24 to 28 weeks to find out whether you are at the risk of delivering sugar in this pregnancy
  • Your CBC should be checked 24 to 28 weeks and again at 36 weeks to find out your count is normal.
  • Further scan will be decided by the Doctor depending on the problem.
  • All pregnant women should have monthly check upto 28 weeks, then once in two weeks till 36 weeks and then once in a week till delivery.
  • In each visit it important to check your urine for any protein & sugar, weight, BP and baby's growth and heart beat.
  • If everything is normal you can wait for 1 to 2 weeks after your due date with proper monitoring of the baby.
  • You need to do antenatal exercises to increase the rate of normal delivery.

All pregnant women should contact the maternity unit (hospital) immediately at any time (24/7) if they have one of the following Emergency Symptoms:

Pain in abdomen, bleeding through vagina, draining of liquor through vagina, reduced or Absent Baby Movements, Head Ache, High BP, Vision Problem, Reduced Urine Output with leg swelling, convulsions, Breathing difficulty and feeling unwell.

With proper dietary advice/regular antenatal exercises/regular antenatal checkups you can have a safe and fruitful pregnancy, delivery and post natal period.

Normal delivery is allowed for indicated woman who has had one caesarean section in the past (VBAC - Vaginal birth after caesarean section). We teach antenatal exercises for pregnant women to increase the normal delivery rate and also postnatal exercises after delivery to decrease lax abdomen, prolapse and urinary symptoms in future.

We aim for maximum normal delivery without affecting mother and baby's health. Epidural analgesia (Painless Labour) is provided for Labour pain 24hours a day. The minimum weight and gestation age delivered at our centre is 560gms at 26 weeks. Baby is doing well. We have very good Neonatal back up.